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Sam’s 3rd Birthday

Posted on: October 26, 2008

After 3 years, there’s a new update on this blog. I promised before that I’ll be updating this at least 3 times a week, but it seems I did not keep that promise. 😀

Yesterday was Sam’s birthday. Me and my wife had a great plan for Sam’s celebration and it concluded much better than what we planned.

The original plan.

  1. Go to the pediatrician for check up and Ley’s vaccine
  2. Eat lunch at Mall of Asia
  3. Attend CEL Manila 2008
  4. Go to Star City and experience Dino Island Adventure and Snow World
  5. Have dinner
  6. Go back home

But of course, plans are always subject to change. After completing the first 3 bullets, we started the next on the list and backed out when we got to Star City. Reasons? No parking space, too crowded, it seems it’s gonna rain, and too much hassles (no explanations).

We went back to Mall of Asia and went shopping birthday gifts for Sam. I’m sure everybody enjoyed it. Honey and Ley, Sam and her grandma enjoyed shopping, while I enjoyed sitting on one corner at the childrens accessories section, watching over our things while having long power nap. Trust me, I slept comfortably, eye’s closed, body was helpless, brain not functioning, but ears are wide alive. I heard everyone passing by me, including some sales attendants talking about me. I did not care about their comments, they were funny.

“Tingnan mo naman lalaking yon, ginawang tulugan ang MOA”
“Grabe naman tong lalaking to, di na nag-share ng upuan”
“Kawawa naman yong lalaki, baka mahulog”
“Astig yung guy o, naka see through”

The last comment, I have no idea if that came from a beautiful girl, or a gay dude.

Alright, shopping done, no other plans. We took light snacks at Wendy’s, a place I always love to go to because of their Biggie Iced Tea which is very special to me. It’s flavored with calamansi and pulpy too. I love the pulp. Then, time to go home.

Ooops, wait. You heard the PA system? It’s telling everyone to wait 15 minutes more for the fireworks display at the Bay Area. Alright, we waited a little longer, we were all excited.

There came the fireworks display and from start to finish, it was awesome. I swear, it’s like there’s a battle going on. Fireworks were coming from an actual ship floating on the water of Manila Bay. That made it a battle ship. Some fireworks fired from the water itself. And firing answers coming out from the Mall’s roof top. It was hilarious. And what’s more hilarious were the “Wows” and all the reactions coming from the audience. You know what the most hilarious was? It was Sam, shouting every word of this sentence. “Wow. The fireworks was amazing!”

Ended better, ain’t it?


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